• Patrick McGrory

2020 Season Launch

Last week Metuchen Momentum, Team 7587 got back to work at Metuchen High School.

It was great to see our team members and mentors return with such enthusiasm!

Our mentor team is back at work, with a new organization, schedule and work management approach based on lessons we learned from last season:

We have commenced work in the following areas:

- Reestablishing our lab at Metuchen High School

- Taking inventory and planning the build of our elevators which will move into build next week

- We adopted Trello for work management and put it into production. We aim to give students experience with work methods and tools used in professional environments

- Planning for vision processing

- Code refactoring following last season

- Planning and execution for the Metuchen Country fair on October 5, 2019 - only 2 days to launch

The team is back at work ensure the functionality of our robot, reconnecting it to the current version of the code, fixing the pneumatics, charging batteries, making new cables, etc...

Today the team celebrated our best electrical engineer, Paige's Birthday, Happy Birthday Paige!

We have a booth at the Metuchen Country fair, Booth number 329. Please feel free to stop by and learn more about the team, you will be able to see the robot the team built last season, the numerous awards they won and the intake/shooter the team built in the post season. You can play catch with our shooter! Get a preview of our test here:

This quarter, we plan to get ready for Kickoff, focus on the build of the elevators we have acquired, continue with our scouting efforts, order additional inventory for our lab and progress our software engineering environment specifically around vision processing on openCV.

Thank you to everybody for all of your support to make our foundation season happen last year. We look forward to an exciting 2020 season!

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