• Patrick McGrory

Build Season Week 1 Update

The team made great progress this week. They were able to advance their design, build the chassis, assemble and start the electronics, install and execute a first test in their software environment.

The team built wheels and and gearboxes.

Team 7587 Building Wheels

Gearbox attached to side panel of chassis

The electrical team made great progress and got the hardware environment built and connected. In order to do this they needed to make some of the cables and get a good understanding of the electrical system.

Electrical system

The programming team got their environment setup and working. Note the last few green lines of text below Team 7587 has their first successful software test.

First successful software test!

The team completed many other activities in parallel including the marketing team developing a fundraising plan and improving our communications. We started on a practice field design, acquired cardboard to prototype it, and made progress on the robot design.

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