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Busy October for Team 7587

Safety, Tools and Lab

With many new members joining our team, and 95% of our team members returning from last season, we have been busy holding safety briefings and testing (all students passed!), setting up and training on new tools and improving our lab environment.

Mr. Eagel on Mitre Saw Metal Cutting Training

Mr. Mintz on Mitre Saw Cutting Setup and Fences Training

Mrs. McGrory on Safety Training

The team planned, built, installed and commissioned our drill press and band saw which was donated by our sponsor Argosy Foundation; the team also trained in safe usage of both the drill press and the band saw. In addition, a new cordless riveter was acquired and implemented, it is a critical tool for the elevator which we are currently constructing:

Team Building the Drill Press

Drill Press Installation Completed

Band Saw Installation Completed

New riveter acquired and put into production

Trophy Shelf

After a phenomenal Rookie season, the team has established it’s trophy shelf near the front of Metuchen High School - thank you Mr. Peragallo! The team did a fantastic job designing, acquiring materials and implementing the showcase:


One of the off season projects we have going on right now is the build of our elevator. The elevator will be able to lift cargo used in the competition. We believe the skills and capabilities of building the elevator will help us enormously next season and beyond.

Building the Frame

Building the carriage

Completed Carriage

The completed carriage was a great effort by the team. It looks fantastic and will provide a great help in the future competitions.


We had a great meeting with our sponsor from Picatinny Arsenal with Mr. Peragallo and Mr. Eagel from Metuchen High School. Picatinny is an official sponsor of our team and jointly we reiterated the support we receive from Metuchen High School which is a great enabler for us. We appreciate Google and ExxonMobil for sponsoring us this season. Without them, we would not have the resources we need to make a great robot.

Our goal for the 2019-2020 season is to raise $30,000 to be able to compete in the following competitions:

Bridgewater-Raritan District Competition March 20 – 23

Montgomery District Competition March 27– 29

Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship @ Lehigh University April 1 – 4

FIRST National Championship @ Detroit April 29 – May 2

We have raised nearly $20,000 from the following sources:

Corporate: ExxonMobil, Google, NOKIA Bell Labs & Picatinny STEM (US Army)

Grants: Argosy Foundation, FIRST Mid-Atlantic Region & Metuchen Education Foundation

Local Business: Chipotle, Holler Metal Fabricators, IEC-NJ & New Pearl Cleaners

Community Outreach

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote STEM in the broader community the team took the robot to the town Halloween event. The team spoke to many children and parents generating significant interest for about the team.

CAD Team

The CAD team has been busy establishing their Fusion 360 environments and modeling various components.

CAD Team with Elevator Design

We have a busy schedule coming up with community outreach with two key meetings in our schedule.  One on October 29, 2019 at the Metuchen Borough Council and the second at the Metuchen Board of Education on November 12, 2019. We expect to improve our community engagement as a result of these important meetings. All are invited to attend!

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