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End of Build!

February 21, 2019

Metuchen Momentum Delivers First Robot!

At around 10pm February 19, 2019, we completed build according to specifications and bagged our first robot!

The team had an exhilarating few weeks and a particularly intense last 72 hours.

The team not only completed the build successfully, but also moved location 6 times in the last week. We were located at various members homes and we traveled twice to a practice field, Shout out to Team 303 @sts, Sarah, Michael, Francine and Jerry?, The relocations were necessitated by school closures and the opportunity to drive on a realistic practice field and meet other teams.

On February 9, 2019 we received apart built to the team’s specifications by Holler Metal Fabricators. Many thanks to Dan Holler who made a major contribution to realising the team’s ideas.

After driving on Saturday and Sunday Feb 17 and 18 in Bridgewater, we decided to implement a pneumatic system for our arm extension. Matt Hagan helped us extensively, shout out to team 1257! Thank you Matt!

The system was implemented on build day. We transferred knowledge that afternoon, the team made wires, wired the solenoids, built the software to activate it, successfully tested it. The team created initial designs for the mounting and are changing the stroke to 10”.

We moved back to MHS and finalized many aspects of the build.

The rack and pinion mounting and torque are targets for optimization with a gearbox.

Many thanks to Danny Holler, Holler Metal, Herb, Sarah and all the Mid Atlantic team, Argosy, Nokia Bell Labs, Jim Finney, Sam Lotfy from Hydracore, our Mentors, and many people who gave their time, homes, hearts and expertise.

Metuchen Momentum has established a great team that has successfully completed our first ever build season. We have learned a lot and we have a lot still to learn, which we look forward to.

We are now in the process of:

1. Planning for the competition stages including logistics

2. Plan for unbagged time

3. Handling leftovers from the build

4. Continue to evolve game strategy

5. Update our project plan

6. Improve communications for competition judging

7. Advance marketing, business plan and fundraising

Check back soon for updates.

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