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About Team 7587's 2023 Robot

Scoring Information: 

  • All 3 heights

  • Both Cones and Cubes

  • Can dock and engage on charging station 

Important Robot Specs:

  • Drive Train: Tank 

  • Motor Type(s): 

    • 4 NEO motors (drive)​

    • 2 NEO elevator attached to a 5:1 dual-input gearbox (Elevator)

    • NEO 125:1 attached to a 4:1 chain drive (Arm)

    • NEO 16:1 (Telescoping)



  • Long chassis: 32” x 26”

  • 6” rubber treaded wheels

  • 4 neo motors, 6 wheels


  • Telescoping 

  • Joint to pivot 

  • Chain and sprocket (pivot point) 

Arm Challenges Faced During Building Season:

  • *Assessment to be made 


  • Pneumatic 

    • Reduce distance to compress game pieces ​


Intake Challenges Faced During Building Season

  • *Assessment to be made


  • Chain and sprocket carriage connected to the arm 

  • 2 reo motors 

Elevator Challenges Faced During Building Season

  • *Assessment to be made 


Electrical Board:

  • Vertical

  • PDH & PCM​

  • CAN wiring system

  • Detachable

  • Protective frames and lid robot wiring

Robot Wiring

  • Moves up and down with the elevator as necessary

  • Sent through the board to reach the motor controllers underneath

  • We (will) have inline wagons

Challenges Faced:

  • Mounting the electrical board on top of brackets (a gap between metal and board)(fixed with washers)

  • Cutting the electrical board to fit the robot (...and having to redo it completely)


Primary Programming Language: Java 

Programming Features  

  • Command based

  • ESP 32 for lighting control (C++)

  • Limelight 2+ running PhotonVision

  • Motors 

  • Pneumatics 

  • PID Controllers with Hall Effect encoders and 3-axis gyroscope 

  • Several autonomous situations

  • Shuffleboard

Link to our GitHub 

Link to our 2023 Code 

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