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About Team 7587's 2022 Robot

"Woah Doggy"

Thank you to Team 118 for their EveryBot model!

Scoring Information: 

  • 4 points Autonomous 

  • Mid-rung 

  • Lower Hub

  • Can store up to 2 cargo

Important Robot Specs:

  • Motor Type(s): 

    • 4 CIM motors (drive)​

    • 1 BAG motor (intake)

  • Drive Train: Tank 



  • Long chassis: 32” x 26”

  • 6” rubber treaded wheels

  • 4 motors, 6 wheels


  • 2 long arms to raise the intake

  • #35 chain & sprocket raises the intake

Arm Challenges Faced During Building Season:

  • Switched from a NEO to a CIM motor

  • Changed gearbox from 16:1 - 50:1


  • Roller

  • Run by a mini CIM motor

  • Uses a sprocket & chain


Intake Challenges Faced During Building Season

  • Putting as little tension the Lexan

  • PVC pipes didn’t move


  • Not run by a motor

  • Flips up when it hits the low rung, then it can hang on the mid rung

  • We can also hang on the low rung if we wanted to


Summary: this team wires the electrical components together to make the motors and other components work

Electrical Specs:

  • PDP - bought a new one

    • Voltmeter - we can easily check the voltage to the battery

    • Has wagon flaps - easier to use 

  • CAN Bus system (we use a daisy chain network) - links each motor together 

    • More clean/less messy than PWM Wires


Challenges Faced:

  • Re-doing the entire electrical board

    • Overlooked the LONG_ARM that ran through the entire bot

    • Had to drill a hole to fit wires for the PDH

    • Raise the PDH

  • Missing items like lugs and 6 Gauge wires


Primary Programming Language: Java

5 Crucial Parts of Our Software

  • Subsystems

  • Commands

  • Main 

  • Robot

  • Container

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