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About Team 7587's 2024 Robot

Scoring Information: 

  • We prefer scoring in amp but can score in speaker 

  • We don't use the climber

Important Robot Specs:

  • Drive Train: Swerve Drive

  • Motor Type(s): 

    • Neo brushless - 10

    • Neo 5 50 - 5 in total

      • Swerve - 1

      • Indexer - 1



  • Square chassis: 28” x 28”

  • 3”  MAXswerve wheels

  • 10 neo brushless motors (in total) with 5 being Neo 50's

  • 4 wheels


  • Over the bumper intake

  • Rotates 180 degrees over bumper

  • Two sets of wheels

Intake Challenges Faced During Building Season:

  • Making the pivot

  • Having the intake clear the bumper

  • Spacing, as we didn't account for the bolthead


  • Split into two parts - Indexer and main Shooter

  • Adjust the angle after the handoff

  • Two sets of four wheels spin up to speed and shoot out the note

Shooter Challenges Faced During Building Season:

  • It doesn’t have as much power as we would like 

    • Have to shoot closer to the speaker than the originally intended


Electrical Board:

  • 1 Polycarbonate piece - Bolted on

  • PDH

  • It contains all electronics minus the motor and some controllers

  • Controls 15 motors

  • Located underneath the intake and shooter

Electrical Board Challenges Faced During Building Season:

  • Putting on the board so it didn't interfere with intake and control power draw

  • Planning out the wiring so that it would be neat

  • Avoiding loose connections

Robot Wiring

  • Signals are made by a chain of CAN-bus that circles the robot


Primary Programming Language: Java 

Programming Features  

  • The robot was programmed using combo commands

    • The robot can do multiple things at once​

    • Go to pre-programmed positions

Swerve Drive:

  • Controlled by two X-box controllers

    • One for the driver

    • One for the operator

  • Manual / Safe mode is programmed to disable combo commands and enable manual commands  (In case of an emergency)

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